Welcome to my blog page, here you will find up to date news on my current paintings and workshops.

Exhibition: COAL -November 2015

Along with fellow young artists, we will be responding to the subject of coal, envisioning the effects, a world without it, and possible alternatives. This will be held at Atelier Tammam.




China Upcycling Workshop for the Indytute, TY Soho -14 November 2015

I ran a china upcycling event at Timber Yard Soho, for the Indytute.  I really enjoy seeing the variety of interpretations created with the chinaware.  



Renegade Craft Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, London -7 November 2015

With the Drawn Together Collective I sold my prints at the very large and lively winter craft market.  Over the weekend, I met many wonderful creatives and thoroughly enjoyed being able to chat to everyone about my art.


Horniman Museum and Gardens, Halloween Market -1 November 2015

As part of the Drawn Together Collective, we sold our prints in the Horniman Haloween Market, amongst an atmospheric and misty backdrop.


 Shoreditch House, Day of the Dead workshop -31 October 2015

I led a pumpkin carving drop in session, as part of the club's Halloween celebrations. 


Wedding invitations -17 October 2015 

The beautiful results of the penguin illustrations I created back in the springtime.



Miniature paintings -October 2015

I have been working on miniature paintings, inspired by gothic literature, especially Edgar Allen Poe, for submission in to the Royal Miniature Society exhibition.  


Mencap Saturday Club workshop. Joan Miro workshop -10 October 2015

I led a fun game based creative activity, rolling dice to determine the outcome of Joan Miro inspired artworks. 


Pasley Park Market -19 September 2015

Along with the girls as the Drawn Together Collective, we spent a fun day holding a stall and selling our prints in Pasley Park Market, Kennington. 


Iris design -20 August 2015

I have made my floral design in to greetings cards. 




Reworking the Pokkles of Platt Woods books -29 July 2015  

Here is a drawing of Alfie the dog, a key character from the book. 


Mencap Summer Holiday Club and Saturday Club - 23 July 2015

I ran a fun little introduction to street art, using stencils, masking techniques and lettering, building layers of interesting colours in the style of Banksy.  


Jerwood Drawing Prize Submission -17 July 2015

Working in gouache I drew fine delicate lines with a quill on stretched grey paper.  I wanted to convey the fragility and beauty in the structures of the brain coral and ray skeleton. (please look on my paintings page for images)   


Indytute at The Jones Family Project, Upcycling China Workshop - 15 July 2015

Working for the Indytute, I lead a session in upcycling china tea cups, plates and bowls, using fun decal designs.



Fulham Palace, Botanical Illustration Workshop -11 July 2015

I led a mini course in botanical illustration, working from clippings taken from the Palace gardens we painted watercolour illustrations in the style of Linneaus' taxonomical studies. 


Mencap Saturday Club -13 June 2015 

I ran a session where we personalised tote bags, by printing and embelishing the material. 



Horse painting donation -10 June 2015

Inspired by a Spanish festival I visited, I painted some watercolour horses for a charity event my friend was running in aid of the Nepalese earthquake crisis. 



City Showcase Summer Market, Embankment, London -15 May 2015

My friends Maria, Joely and I sold prints of our artworks and various laser-cut pieces over the final weekend of May.  The weather was temperamental, but it was great fun and we met many wonderful people.  


Mencap Saturday Club -7 May 2015

I led the class in tactile watercolour paintings of 'The Owl and the Pussycat', and Japanese Blossom on mini canvas boards.  It is wonderful to see everyone's take on the same theme.


Mencap Art Course - Feb to May 2015 

Stimulating creativity and imagination through tactile, visual and sensory experiences, I enabled students to create through the use of colour/texture/form/pattern/material and process. Students tapped into their imaginations and committed to generating their own unique visual imagery response to the Emily Carr show at The Dulwich Picture Gallery.


Pop Up Painting evenings -ongoing  

Working in various bars around London and for corporate events and hen parties, I have led many social painting experiences, from Pop Art to Art Nouveau to Impressionism. 



Mother's Day card design -15 March 2015 

Using my old butterfly designs I altered the colours and created a 3D effect card. 



Trip to the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities -12 Feb 2015

I had been meaning to visit the museum for a while and finally had the opportunity, it is such an inspiring quirky little place I hope to incorporate a few of the photos I took in to some future designs.


Children's Pirate Party -24 Jan 2015 

I created some activities for the 4 year olds to make at the pirate party, consisting of individual card and feather parrots able to be perched on a finger, and some aged treasure maps for the children to fill in and decorate. 


Private Butterfly Watercolour Commission -17 Jan 2015 

I am currently painting a Horniman Butterfly illustration for a member of the Horniman Museum.


Mencap Saturday Club -10 Jan 2015 

My studio mate Joely had some laser cut paper off cut trees, so I put them to good use by helping the members of the club decorate tracing paper and layer up their art.  We also produced bold 70's inspired felt flower displays, with material, buttons and wire.



Festive Pop Up Painting workshops and corporate events -Dec 2014 

In the run up to Christmas I worked on various festive and winter themed workshops in pubs and City corporation events.


My Christmas Card Designs -Dec 2014



Winter Fair, Limehouse Town Hall -Nov 2014

My studio mates and I set up selling our artworks with the Winter Fair at Limehouse Town Hall, in conjunction with the charity Stitches in Time. 



Pop Up Painting, Halloween Special -Oct 2014

I led a class in painting sugar skull designs at the Gipsy Hill Tavern.



South Pacific Fisheries poster illustrations -Oct 2014

I have recently completed a few fish studies for posters being used in education by the South Pacific Fisheries.  My artworks consisted of a parrotfish, a goatfish and a snapper. (pics to follow).


Miniature Painting -Oct 2014

I have decided to try my hand at painting miniatures, with the intention of entering competitions.  Working on coloured paper, I settled with a Gothic theme of Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven'  -"but the raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling."



Hillhouse CofE Primary School workshops -29th Sept 2014 

I ran painting workshops over three classes on the theme of Australian animals as the children were learning about marsupials. Each class completed two paintings of duck-billed platypus, kangaroos, koalas, turtles, great white sharks and saltwater crocodiles.

Below is a small selection of the paintings I created to work from, and the children's final artworks.  



The Bookshelf (a collection of artworks) -25th Aug -5th Sept 2014

Some friends and I put on a show of our works in the Crepe Shop and Art Cafe, Whitechapel, with the private view held on 28th August.  Here is a small selection of works on display, to view more images from the collection please look on my paintings page.


Good Empire Workshop at Battersea Power Station -18th August 2014

I accompanied my studio mate Joely and her company Good Empire to a family event in the grounds of Battersea Power Station.  It was great to see how others run their workshops and I had fun painting my own mini Power Station necklaces.

It was also worth it for the view! 

Pop Up Painting -July and August 2014 

Leading Rio inspired and David Hockney sessions. 

Mencap Summer Holiday Workshop - 11th August 2014 

In the morning session the children had been visited by animals, so I thought I would carry on the theme and we all constructed wire sculpture animals, and for those that had time to spare also decorated wire signatures.


Mencap Saturday Club -12th July 2014 

As it was the day before the last world cup football game in Rio, I thought we would have a carnival day.  I led everyone in mask-making and banner creations, then in the afternoon we wore our masks and had a musical session with drumming, conga lines and a limbo competition.



Pop Up Painting -May and June 2014 

Leading an Audrey Hepburn painting class, a Banksy class and a Pop Art session.


Art Course for adults with disabilities -20th March 2014 - 22nd May 2014

On a theme of light and encompassing a visit to the Dulwich Picture Gallery Hockney exhibition. 

Gouache and ink resist -


Lanterns willow and paper construction -


Hockney inspired painting on acetates - 

Shadow play -

Keith Haring and Banksy inspired spray and stencil paintings on canvas - 


Seasonal prints - 


Mencap Saturday Club -3rd May 2014 

David Hockney inspired season prints on cotton and Keith Haring designs on canvas.  



Pop Up Painting -7th April 2014 

I have been taken on by the Pop Up Painting Company as a lead facilitator and assistant for painting evenings in London and the South East. 


Mencap Saturday Club -5th April 2014

I decided to run with a Spring/ Easter themed workshop making little woolly sheep, finger puppets and brightly coloured scratch plates. (pics to follow).



The Studio -17th March 2014

Very excited to be moving in to my new workspace with The Studio, creative space in Herne Hill. 


Gallery Seventeen -19th Feb 2014 

I am displaying several watercolour pieces with the gallery -a set of insects, a woodmouse, a large alpaca and a flamingo.


Whitechapel Gallery visit -11th Feb 2014

Hannah Hoch photomontage exhibition visit.


Dulwich Picture Gallery -6th February 2014 

Introduction and lectures to the gallery's David Hockney Prints exhibition, this will be good preparation for my forthcoming Mencap and PCDL workshops. 


Museum of Vancouver Wildlife Illustrations  -22nd Dec to 20th January 2014

Over the holidays I have been working on a series of illustrations for the Museum of Vancouver, introducing the local extinction of various species from the Vancouver area. http://www.museumofvancouver.ca/exhibitions/exhibit/rewilding-vancouver


Mencap Children's Holiday Club - December 2013

Aimed at very active 5-10 year old children, the majority being boys, I wanted to host a workshop that would keep everyone interested and engaged.  I settled on a variation of the car making craft and we made working snow mobiles/sleighs. 


Mencap Saturday Club - December 2013

With a festive theme we painted and decorated our papier mache balloons to make individual penguins, some with added bright felt scarves and hats.  As there was a little time left over, some of the class made 3D pine tree cards.



Mencap Saturday Club - November 2013

As this was a very last minute call to work, I decided we would make individual multi-textured wintry paintings of foxes playing in the snow, with the addition of a gold leaf sun.  As promised from a previous session we also made personal parachute men, from dolly pegs, string and cellophane.


Mencap Saturday Club - November 2013

Creating circular firework paintings spinners, with black card, bright paint and glitter.  Then making trailing rockets, that could be propelled by blowing through a straw.  I set them the task of papier macheing a balloon each in preparation for the Christmas workshop.



Mayflower Primary School - October 2013

As part of Year 2's science exploration in to surfaces, we created our own cars from discarded household products and raced them over different materials to see the effects of texture on the running of the vehicles. 


Life Drawing - October 2013

As part of King College London's open arts festival, a few of my university friends and I attended 'Drawing Life', giving us the opportunity to work under the eye of acclaimed Indian artist Dilip Sur.


Mencap Saturday Club - October 2013

As we are approaching Halloween, I started thinking about owls in the darkness.  Each member printed and masked out trees and owls for painting.  Then with lots of sticks and some material we made stick rafts and raced them in a large container of water (I'm happy to say all rafts floated!) 



Mencap Holiday Club - August 2013

The group were visited in the morning by a variety of reptiles, so I thought we could follow that up by creating our own lizards that walk up string.  



Mencap young children's Holiday Club - August 2013

Using basic printing methods and collage, creating garden pictures featuring leaves, flowers, bugs and birds. 


Mencap Saturday Club - August 2013

One to one support for a summer picnic 


Mencap Holiday Club - July 2013

Make and race your own cars created from discarded objects.  



Mencap Saturday Club - July 2013

As there has been a heatwave I thought a fun sensory idea would be to make rain shaker sticks, that trickle like rain drops as you tip them, then if there is time we can make golden suns too.



Mencap Saturday Club - June 2013

I decided to set a summery theme with mandala samd paintings, pin wheels and ice cream sundae collages.



Mencap Saturday Club - May 2013

Canvas and tape paintings and Spring flower tea towel printing.


Art course for adults with disabilities -13th March - 24th May 2013

In accordance with Bromley Mencap and PCDL, I ran two art courses, one consisting of craft and culture being more tactile and easier for beginners, the second focussed on technical art making skills and concepts, enabling learners to work on more self initiated pieces.  

Here are a few beautiful results of all the students hard work.

Giacometti inspired wire sculptures

Clay gargoyles

Folk art on wood


Kandinsky inspired ink resist circles

Damien Hirst inspired spinner paintings


Tape paintings on stretched canvas


Gustav Klimt inspired Tree of Life gold and jewelled decoupage images



Louth Festival of Bees -18th April 2013

My painting of the 'Bombus subterraneous' has been requested for promoting Survival Arts Short-haired Bumblebees, which is rather lovely.  You can find out more at the following address http://transitiontownlouth.org.uk/bees.html


Wedding invitations -28th Feb 2013

The wedding of Miss. Burgess will be held at  Rise Hall in Yorkshire, so I took inspiration from the grand surroundings, creating personalised hand made luggage label designs incorporating my watercolour of the beautiful hall, local maps and scrolls.


Taster day for my art course for adults with disabilities -21st Feb 2013

I wanted us to explore Pop Art, so I focused on the artworks of Andy Warhol. Using bright unusual colour combinations with simple printing and blocking, everyone made their own Marilyn Monroe paintings, then tried their own printing compositions.



Mencap Saturday Club - Feb 2013

As Valentine's Day was approaching I set the task of making inky material heart cards.


I made a batch of waxed and inked scratchboards to give the students a new sensation of drawing and carving their designs.  I asked them to study some trees and draw their interpretations, I think the stark contrast of the black and white lends itself well to the subject matter, giving a night time feel.


General Arty bits -Jan 2013

Happy new year!  I am currently working on paintings to submit to various galleries and art competitions, so keep your eyes out for new pieces.  I am also in the process of planning my art courses in the Spring with Mencap and the Autism Trust.

Mencap Saturday Club -15th December 2012

In the run up to Christmas we created lots of festive crafts, from felt badges of snowmen, Father Christmas, robins and poinsettias, to 3d reindeer cards and wooden gingerbread men to hang up.



Barbican Animation Workshop -6th November 2012

To coincide with the theatre production of 'Miss. Ophelia', I worked with animator Jane Cheadle running a fast-paced animation workshop for 120 primary school children.  Using stop frame animation, the children manipulated scrunched paper 'monsters' to create moving imagery.

Mencap Saturday Club -3rd October 2012

We made sewn woodland creatures and simple fireworks drawings using bright waxes and glitter on black paper.

Mencap Saturday Club -20th October 2012

In the run up to Halloween we created flapping fuzzy bats.  For the second session we printed some pretty autumnal leaves which will go towards making place mats.


Mail out samples and try outs -October 2012

I am currently preparing to send out a few mail outs, here are the results of the envelopes.


Mencap Saturday Club - 8th September 2012

It was a beautifully hot day, so we worked outside shaded under a tree, making horse and rider thaumatropes linking in with the Paralympics and built mini robots with walking mechanisms, that when decorated we raced, here are a couple of finished examples (the blue one was the overall winner).


Mencap Holiday Club - 30th August 2012

I thought I would try the sunset workshop with this holiday group, but instead of using the acetone transfer technique we drew our images through carbon paper, then layered washes of water colour over the top for definition and texture. Here are a few examples from the large group.


Mencap Holiday Club -  14th August 2012

In the morning the group had been working on circus performances, so I continued by running a workshop making circus thaumatropes and vintage decoupage pictures with balancing performing animals.



Mencap Saturday Club -28th July 2012

We painted and glazed our decorative clay pebbles with beautiful results.   Then with the theme of summer everyone created watercolour sunsets, layering tropical images of flamingos, palm trees and hibiscus flowers using an acetone transfer technique.




Mencap Saturday Club -16th June 2012

I ran a workshop firstly concentrating on clay, making small pebbles and decorative pieces using cookie cutters, and making impressions and patterns from found objects such as cut glass vases, pine cones and shells.  Then running with the sea shell theme we moved on to decoupaging individual jigsaw puzzles with pretty images of sea creatures.



Mencap Easter workshop -12th April 2012 and Saturday Club 21st April 2012

Designing and printing t-shirts.  As the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee are nearly upon us I thought it would be a nice idea to use the Union Jack flag, crowns, London buses and the Queen's profile.

Makendoo Craft Workshops - Brent Cross Shopping Centre -7th and 9th April 2012

Working with Makendoo on their public drop-in craft workshops, helping children develop Easter based card masks and paper crafts.


Competition Artwork -May 2012

A watercolour painting of Jean Paul submitted to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.


Mencap 'Art the Next Step' 10 week art course  -13th January -23rd March 2012

Week 1:   Art Deco pattern printing and Rennie Mackintosh rose style paintings.


Week 2:   Wire Sculptures, choosing a favourite animal to sketch and work in wire.

Week 3:   Shadow Puppets. Choosing scenes and characters taken from 'The Jungle Book'.

Week 4:   Japenese Silk Paintings. Designing watery effects based on Hokusai's 'Great Wave'.


Week 5:   Egyptian Art. Heiroglyphs and paintings on papyrus and clay models.

Week 6:   Henry Moore style sculptures. Working with dry foam and clay filler.

Week 7:   Self Portraits. Experimenting and painting in watercolours on box canvasses.

Week 8:   Aztec Silver Tooling and Monotypes.    

Week 9:   Mosaics. Making patterns from glass and stone mosaic tiles on wooden boards.

 Week 10: Fabric Collage. Cutting and sticking various textiles to form pictures.  Van Gogh pastel sketches of fresh cut flowers.


Competition Painting -December 2011                                                                         

Over the Christmas holidays I have been working on imagery to submit to the  'House of Illustration' book illustration competition, based on Angela Carter's book the 'The Bloody Chamber and other stories'.


Mencap Autumn holiday workshop

To fit in with an autumnal theme we painted and made collaged decorative artpieces, using browns, reds, coppers and golds, painting leaves and layering lovely textures and papers.


Mencap Saturday Club -September 10th and 24th and October 22nd 2011

So I have been working quite a lot with the Saturday club and it's nice to bring in a variety of art classes. I started by helping them create their own beautiful silhouetted countryside scene, incorporating printing and stencilling.


With winter around the corner I started thinking about wintery creatures and decided on birds.  We made the body from two polystyrene balls pinned together, covered in tissue papier mache, adding paper beaks and tails, then decorated the bodies with pearlescent paints and pretty scraps of material.


Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Artplay' - August 28th 2011

I introduced the families to shadow puppets, we made our own moveable characters from black card, split pins, sticks and coloured cellophane.  At the end of the session, the children had the opportunity to display their creations behind a backlit screen. The following photos show some 'Alice in Wonderland' scenes made by a family who attended.


Mencap, summer holiday workshops - August 4th/ 24th/ 31st 2011

I lead art and craft workshops for Bromley Mencap under 30 year olds.  We made kites from wire and tissue paper. Suncatchers by laminating brightly coloured tissue paper and silhouettes paintings using printing and stencils.


Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Art in the Garden' -August 3rd & 10th 2011

In the gardens of the gallery I lead a workshop creating dreamcatchers and Native American headdresses, and Medieval armour, all using paper sculpting and weaving techniques.


Mencap Saturday Club -July 16th 2011

Painting and decorating picture frames and experimenting with foam marble paintings.


Barbican CoLA-I Festival -June 28th -July 1st 2011

City of London Academy, assiting and running a 'Make it and Race it' workshop, creating balloon powered vehicles from found objects.
Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Artplay' -June 26th 2011

Creating our own Treasure Books, incorporating simple bookbinding and covering techniques adding gems and locks.


Private Commission -June 11th 2011

Chris and Marmite the sphynx cat, acrylic on box canvas.


Mencap, Saturday Club - June 4th 2011

One of the workshops involved making small wire shapes then dipping them in to a variety of 'fantasy film' colours, giving a beautiful enamelled look.  We strung the shapes together to create sun catchers to hang in the window.



Mencap, Introduction to Art Course - March/April/May 2011

I have settled on a theme of  'All about Me!' as the adults attending have varying levels of abilities, the theme will simply be a starting point to explore identity, this can be in it's simplest form, for example favourite colour, or can lead to more intricate self analysis.

Week 1 - introduction to watercolours.  Experimenting with the paint, wax resist, sponges, salt crystals and drops of alcohol.

Week 2 - introduction to printing. 'What makes me smile', making our own foam cuts and card blocks we printed onto a whole variety of materials and handmade papers.

Week 3 - introduction to Mattise and cut outs.  Looking at Matisse we tried his method of drawing with charcoal attached to long sticks, then using this as a guide made our own pictures using tissue paper cut outs.

Week 4 - introduction to wire sculpture.  We drew our own portraits and shapes of our hands, then using the wire followed these lines, making a 3d linear sculpture.

Week 5 - introduction to silhouettes and shadow puppets. Deciding upon our favourite fairytale characters, we made moveable puppets, displaying them behind a backlit screen.

Week 6 - introduction to Aboriginal art.  We tried Australian Aborigine style painting, making patterns and dots on sand paper. Making our own paints with mixtures of clay, mud, chalk, we then painted with primitive tools using different size sticks.

Week 7 - introduction to patterns, William Morris and monoprinting.  Using string and leaves we made our own design blocks, we repeated the prints to form a wallpaper design.

Week 8 - introduction to self portraiture.  Using photographs and projectors we worked on individual canvasses making our own self portraits.



Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Artplay' -24th April 2011

As it was Easter I stuck with a bunny theme, making old fashioned style running bunny puppets on sticks and bunny shaped baskets.

Mencap Easter Workshops -20th &23rd April 2011

I ran printing workshops on the theme of Easter, using bunny, chick and egg templates I had made, everyone created their own foam and card block designs.  We printed on to sections of material, that we then made in to flags.

Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Artplay' -3rd April 2011

As it was Mothering Sunday I thought it would be nice for the children attending to make something for their mums, so we I made up a batch of picture frames which the children decorated with various papers, materials, beads and buttons, then I attached magentic strips to the back so they could be presented on fridges.  If the children had time they could also make material brooches and badges.

Barbican Centre 'Shona Reppe's Olga Volt the Electric Fairy' -various dates Feb 2011

Again, this was a pre-theatre activity, this time the theme was relating to the circus and Olga Volt's heritage, I looked into Victorian games and decided to display how to make thaumatropes (a two sided disc with various images that when spun merge together), I went for a boys version of a strong man with lightning bolts and a girls version displaying Olga and an array of stars.



Barbican Centre  'Shona Reppe's Cinderella' -various dates Feb 2011

 I ran pre-theatre workshops creating mini spoon puppets, using a variety of materials the children were able to make their own character chosen from a classic fairytale before watching Shona Reppe's production of Cinderella.


Mencap Charity, Saturday Club -  12th Feb 2011

As it was nearly Valentine's Day, we made some brightly coloured magnetic love bugs (clay shaped with a spoon), decorated some cupcakes, made some peg butterflies and planted some bulbs ready for spring.

Barbican Centre,  Family Film Club 'Panda Go Panda' -29th Jan 2011

Leading panda toy making for children and their families in a pre-film workshop, simply using a sock and some felt, then accessorising.



Barbican Centre, 'Flyboy' -various dates Nov & Dec 2010

Assisting families in pre-show craft workshops. We made little festive shadow puppets to run alongside the theatre show 'Flyboy is alone again this Christmas', a romantic science-fiction shadow opera.

Barbican Centre 'Parachutes'  -various dates October 2010

Assisting families and schools in pre-show craft workshops.  We made tiny little parachutists to run alongside the theatre show 'Parachutes' exploring themes of falling, flying and gravity.

Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Art in the Garden -Mad Hatter's Tea Party' -25th Aug 2010

As with the totem poles, I held a drop in art session in the garden of the gallery, this time creating quirky top hats and mad march hare ears, we had lots of beautiful materials, ribbons, sequins (unfortunately it was a very rainy day, so we all had to squeeze inside with our creations).

Orleans House Gallery Twickenham, Ham Children's Centre -19&20 Aug 2010

I ran creative sessions for early years and pre-school children and their families at Ham Children's Centre.  The theme of the workshops evolved around the River Thames and we created fish kites, water creature mobiles, bubble paintings, frog masks and raced handmade twig rafts.

Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Art in the Garden -Build a Totem Pole' - 28th July 2010

I ran a workshop on building totems out of recycled cardboard boxes, each family made their individual totem character (of any animal they wished to represent) and at the end of the session we joined them all together to create a number of poles that could be mixed and matched. It was a thoroughly enjoyable activity  especially being able to make it in the gallery gardens and we built some wonderful creations.


Barbican Schools Enrichment Arts Festivals - various dates July 2010

Starting with Oaklands School in Tower Hamlets, the Barbican's education team have worked with 360 students and staff, delivering a week-long interantional arts festival within the school.  The Oakfest model has also been introduced at the City of London Academy -Islingtin (CoLA -I), engaging 600 students in a journey across the artforms.

I assisted the 'Trashorize' workshops with designer Fabiane Lee Perrella, creating accessories from discarded everyday objects.

Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Wyeth celebration day' and 'Artplay' - June 2010

Workshop leading an animal mask making session in the marquee for the Wyeth celebrations and running a 'decorative stars' workshop for Artplay.



BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Finalist -  May 2010

My painting of a walrus was highly judged and put through to the finals of the BBC Wildlife Artist competition, in the World Mammals section -I'm thrilled that my artwork has been recognised by leading wildlife and art experts and will be trying many more competitions in the future.



Dulwich Picture Gallery 'Artplay' workshop - March 2010

 My first workshop at the gallery and it was great fun, I had a full class of children and parents making lots of lovely bugs...dragonflies/butterflies and beetles.


Christmas goodies and decoration time! - Dec 2009

I have been trying to make as much as possible this year for Christmas and to start I made my gingerbread men cards, firstly I baked a handsome batch of doughy men, all individually (and uniquely) painted (below is just a small selection -I have mini men everywhere!), then I attach them to a card I designed and printed.

I can't wait to get started on the Christmas sweety treats now!!

Barbican Workshops for the London Children's Film Festival -Nov 2009

For the next couple of weeks I will running a few workshops in the Barbican alongside films being shown in the festival, these include bookbinding, toy crafting and pillowcase decorating. Here are some examples of my felt toys 

and my spell books.


A Night In The Woods' -Nov 2009

I have finished all the illustration artwork for Dave in America, for his children's book about his dog Josie.


Southbank Centre 'Pestival' - Sept 2009

I volunteered my workshop skills to assist artists and scientists for the 'Pestival' festival -an exploration and celebration of all things insect and arty. As you can see I was a busy little worker bee! (That's me on the left!)


Barbican 'Do Something Different Festival' workshop leader -July 2009

I had great fun festooning the Barbican Centre with craft flowers created from my drop in class.

Red Line Publishing artwork - Jan-July 2009

I am currently in the middle of a six book commission for an American educational publisher, the artwork is based on foodchains in various environments, which enables me to paint lots of lovely wildlife. Images to follow...

South London Gallery art workshop leader - March-May 2009

I hosted my own school workshops in the gallery education department, working alongside an exhibition by artist Ellen Gallagher, entitled 'An Experiment of Unusual Opportunity'.  I encouraged experimenting with layering and the use of various drawing materials, taking inspiration from Ellen's paintings. (Below are a few examples of the children's beautiful creations).



Barbican art workshop leader for 'Not Boring Drawing' -March 2009

I ran my own workshop for the Barbican Arts Centre entitled 'Not Boring Drawing', I had great fun leading a whole weekend of wire drawing for a 'Do Something Different Festival'. (Below is a section of the hanging wall of wire we created).


Snow day painting - Feb 2009

I spent a full day on my 'Alice in Wonderland' painting, I am happy I managed to complete it in one sitting.


Antennae Studios Life Drawing - Jan 2009

My first life drawing session, it's been a while............  The model failed to show, so we drew 2-10min poses of each other, here are a few examples of my efforts.



SchoolfriendEtc. workshop leader -May 2008

As part of my daily extra curricular school workshops, the children and I created Japanese carp kites in celebration of National Children's Day.